From Lake Geneva to the Mediterranean via France’s great Alpine passes

The Route des Grandes Alpes® links Lake Geneva to the Mediterranean, crossing the French Alps from north to south, or from south to north, offering a cycling adventure that’s accessible to all, either on a traditional bike or on an electric bike (or e-bike). Following in the tracks of the Tour de France, take on the finest mountain road passes (Iseran, Galibier, Izoard, Madeleine and more), plunging into the heart of grandiose landscapes, experiencing an unforgettable cycling trip through France’s greatest mountains!

Ils l’ont fait !

Toujours hésitant à se lancer dans un premier voyage à vélo ? Découvrez le récit et les bons conseils de ces voyageurs des temps modernes. Ils l'ont fait, alors pourquoi pas vous ?

For a successful cycling trip through the French Alps

All you need to know to set out on the Route des Grandes Alpes®

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