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The Grande Traversée des Alpes on Gravel Bike

From 795€

With France Bike Trips

Northern half: At Vélorizons, we adore gravel bikes as much as we adore the Grandes Alpes and their grandiose landscapes. Given that, what could be more logical than to marry the two together, offering you a great gravel bike mountain trip.

Head off on a unique cycling journey through the northern French Alps, with their deep verdant valleys, flower-filled Alpine meadows and wild passes. We’ll take you off the classic routes, which are often busy, like those via the Madeleine and Galibier passes, offering you an extraordinary adventure. From Lake Geneva to Briançon’s historic upper town, the way leads you along a mix of small roads, meadow tracks and former military paths. Using our gravel bikes that adapt so well to any type of terrain, you’ll be able to discover the most unspoilt parts of the Chablais, Beaufortain, Vanoise and Cerces. Arriving at the dividing line with the southern French Alps, under the watchful eye of Mont Thabor, you reach the end of your gravel bike adventure, a cycling journey you won’t forget. If you’re the type who’d enjoy a great Alpine cycling adventure, don’t hesitate to opt for this trip.

Dates and periods :

Acte nord / northern half: https://www.velorizons.com/voyage-velo-route-cyclo/france/alpes/CR3A-gravel-itineraire-alpes-sup.html#dep


Southern half: From Briançon to Menton, the mountains of France’s Southern Alps have many a tale to tell! So too do the main wild rivers that flow through these parts, the Durance, Ubaye, Tinée and Vésubie, four waterways that accompany you on your journey south. Looking up, the ever-changing views of the sensational summits of the Ecrins, Haute Ubaye and Mercantour ranges help create the feeling of a truly varied cycling trip, offering so many memorable markers on this undoubtedly grandiose way. Little, secretive passes suited to gravel bikes, such as the Parpaillon Pass, and much less busy than the larger road passes, will give you the wonderful feeling of being alone in the world. Reaching the more rounded summits of the mountains close to the coast, as you cross a pass or turn a corner in these parts, you finally get glimpses of the azure blue of the Mediterranean, so calm, poised and timeless… like the mountains, which you can’t help but feel sad to leave behind. This proves a majestic cycling journey, beyond any doubt.

Dates and periods :

Acte sud / southern half: https://www.velorizons.com/voyage-velo-route-cyclo/france/alpes/CR3B-gravel-parcours-alpes-sup.html#dep


  • Lasts: 2 halves, each 6 days long
  • 2 levels: 2/3 or 3/3
  • From €795 per person



For further information:

Acte nord /northern half: https://www.velorizons.com/voyage-velo-route-cyclo/france/alpes/CR3A-gravel-itineraire-alpes.html

Acte sud / southern half: https://www.velorizons.com/voyage-velo-route-cyclo/france/alpes/CR3B-gravel-parcours-alpes.html


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