Alexis, a first on the road

They-they crossed the Alps and they-they tell...

Do you want to introduce yourself?

My name is Alexis, I'm 26, I work in IT and I live in Burgundy in Charnay Les Macon. It's been about 3 years since I found a passion: road biking.
This was a big first for me, I'd never done long roaming trips over several days!"
With a work colleague, we organized ourselves to do this fantastic trip through the Alps.

What motivated you to embark on an itinerant bike trip through the Alps?

I'd never done long roaming trips over several days. I wanted to take up this challenge and above all enjoy the fantastic scenery...

Ane anecdote?

Dantesque day crossing the Ubaye valley towards the Vésubie valley, climbing the Cime de la Bonnette with thunderstorms, wind, fog & rain. At the top of the Cime de la Bonnette, a couple of bikers were fascinated to see me in such weather conditions! Arriving in the Vésubie valley, a kind person offered to pick me up in his vehicle and take me to the gîte in Roquebillière....