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Granon Pass


Altitude 2404 m
Massif des Cerces
Hautes-Alpes department

Distance 12.7 km
Start Saint-Chaffrey (Vallée de la Guisane)
D+ 1072 m
average % 9%
% max 11% over 365 m


The Col de Granon - 2404 m - is one of the highest road passes in France, but is only accessible by road bike from the south side, the north side being only a track that can still be climbed by mountain bike.
The climb is a formidable one, with a total of 3,000 m of ascent. It's a formidable climb, with 12.7 km and 1072 m of gradient at 9% average going through Saint-Chaffrey off the D1091 if you're coming from Briançon, and even more so if you start a little higher up, still on the D1091 at Chantemerle, as it's shorter, with 11.8 km and less gradient at 1044 m, but with an average gradient that rises to 9.5%!
There's no flat, no vegetation. There are no flat areas, no vegetation to protect you from the wind or the sun, and few hairpin bends in the middle section to get you going again... either it'll be a test of strength between you and the slope, or you'll decide to climb pianissimo to enjoy sensational views over the Guisane Valley and the Massif des Écrins.


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