Laurent: a pass hunter!

They-they crossed the Alps and they-they tell...

Would you like to introduce yourself?

My name is Laurent De Bruyn and I'm originally from Belgium. A masseur-physiotherapist by training, I've been working in France since 2002 and since early 2014 in Val Cenis, as a wellness masseur and rebouteux. I started cycling in 2017, at the age of 39, mainly on the road, although I invested in a muscle bike at the time. My professional activity only allows me to practice in the off-season (spring and autumn).

What was your challenge?

My pleasure is climbing a pass on its two or even three sides and, this autumn, I set myself the challenge of doing the many passes in the area and, consequently, those on the Grandes Alpes route, roaming and solo, with 8 to 10 kg of luggage. From the most modest to the most imposing, I climbed 26 different passes, some of them on two slopes. In 20 days, I covered a total of 1,700 km, with over 40,000 m of ascent. I spent the nights with local people, in bed & breakfasts or in hotels.

An anecdote?

As I climbed the Col Agnel, my saddle was creaking and disturbing the calm and gentleness of a beautiful autumn day.... I was already wondering where I was going to find some oil to remedy this somewhat... annoying inconvenience! No less than 1 km away, as if by magic, an oil spray was waiting for me on a windowsill, in a small village of a few houses. Its owner, nearby, authorized me to use it and I was able to set off again, serene and better than ever!