Aloïs, from Valais to Nice in 5 days

They-they crossed the Alps and they-they tell...

Aloïs, can you introduce yourself?

My name is Aloïs Carretero, 48 at the time of my Alpine crossing... I live in Savièse, Valais, Switzerland, with Cindy my wife and our two daughters. I moved to the Valais in 2001 for professional reasons and started cycling as soon as I arrived. Previously, I'd lived in the canton of Vaud and hadn't cycled at all!
At first, I took up mountain biking, and when I met my wife and her father, a fervent road cyclist (approx. 10,000 km per year), I got into it too. It has to be said that my in-laws ride road bikes a lot and since then I've also been riding very often.

For me, this sport is a moment of freedom, adventure and discovery, a moment just for me. Every year I embark on a new journey.

What motivated you to embark on a cycling trip through the Alps?

My goal before I turned 50 was to cross the Alps, but from home, not from Thonon.
So I set off from my home in Savièse in the direction of the Grand-Saint-Bernard after Martigny. My challenge was to cover the Haute Route des Alpes in 5 days, no more, no less, with a minimum of comfort in the evening after cycling all day.
I set off on Sunday July 17, 2022 and arrived in Nice on Thursday July 21. I covered 735 km for +16000D+, an average of 147 km per day for +3200 D+.