Fort du Mont Agaisen

Fort du Mont Agaisen
A fort of the famous Alpine Maginot line. This structure still belongs to the Defence Department, and has been particularly well preserved in its original condition. With its tour, it participated in the halt of the Italian advance in June 1940, and provided fire support during the Authion battle against the Germans in 1945. It still has all its equipment, and is in full working order.



From 18/09 to 19/09, 3rd Saturday and 3rd Sunday of the month.
Open exceptionally on 18/09 and 19/09.


Full price: 8 €
Set price group adults: 160 € (Up to 20 people).

Free entry for children < 12 years.

Participation fee 6 €.
Garage à vélo Non
Panier repas Non
Recharge VAE Non

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