The petrifying fountain

The petrifying fountain

The Petrified Fountain is a magical and surprising place. Some of us see a monster mouth; what do you see?

A natural curiosity, unique in our department. Built by the deposit of tiny mineral water particles, it presents a drapery with radiant concretions. The Petrified Fountain changes constantly. Water and rocks are key elements in the Guillestrois. Here, they have created a very particular site. In the beginning of the 1980’s, a part of the head was broken. But it has been naturally reconstructed thanks to the input of very small particles of limestone. This waterfall which is very fragile as well as worrying has two parts: the part in which the water arrives that ends in a spillway and a large cauldron in which insects, toothpicks and leaves are trapped in the limestone. The Petrified Fountain is a peculiar geological site from the Durance fault. The water of the Fountain comes from a thermo mineral spring, which’ temperature is close to 22°, and which is rich in gypsum and limestone. Due to the contact with the air, the water is charged with carbonates and builds concretions with strange forms changing over time...



From 01/01 to 31/12.


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